Maybe your flat needs renovation? We know the secret how to transform your apartment avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Signing the contract with us will bring you solvent and honest clients who are proper for type of your apartment. Satisfaction with the cooperation, financial comfort and safety – these are the rules we believe in.

Trust us, because we know exactly what you need and it’ll be a pleasure to share this knowledge with you.



Is your property in need of overhaul? Or it just need to be decorated? If so, we will plan and conduct a comprehensive interior design or renovation. Our offer includes a range of services in this area.

We handle property duties
which even you could forget about.

We provide all measures necessary for the service implementation, ranging from building materials and ending with furniture and decorative elements. We cooperate with reliable and trusted designers, manufacturers and renovation companies. Together, we can change the look of your flat quickly and efficiently. All expenses are thoroughly calculated because saving money is very important for us.

detailed renovation project,

adjust project to the client’s needs and budget,

quick and on-time observe the commitments.



An effective home staging is our middle name. We'd like to show you how to easily raise the market value of the apartment. Sometimes the thing you need to change is the color of the walls or furniture arrangement, but it makes people feel better there.

clear project of essential amendments

guests requests and owners needs consulting,

optimization of costs.

Fragola Apartments
makes every effort to keep you informed about your property



Krakow is extremely dynamic city. It is worth to have always up to date information on how this dynamic affects the real estate market. Now, you can forget about the hassle of time-consuming calculations related to how and where invest your money. We know what is most profitable.

Receiving the highest rate of return is no longer a dream and becomes a reality.



Step by step, we will help you find suitable apartment for rent. We handle negotiation theprice, checking technical condition and our trusted advisors check proper documentation. We sign all relevant contracts, acts and protocols.

cooperation with trusted legal advisers, renovation companies, architects and designers,

thoroughly verification of the property (debt, hidden defects, inconvenient location, etc.),

vigilant supervision and careful technical inspection.



Trust our experience in conducting negotiations on behalf of our clients with the use of negotiation techniques appropriately matched to the specific customer priorities.

On request, we provide services in the field of financial advisory.

You choose which service you’re interested in and then we together decide which solution is best for you.

Preserve your investment
and maximize your return without disturbing your personal life